30 Days of Night: Dark Days movie plot

2022-10-17 12:02
The heroine Stella got news from the mysterious Dane and learned that the vampire who committed the crime in Barrow went to Los Angeles, so she left Barrow and came to Los Angeles, and wanted to tell people the existence of vampires through a speech. But people seem to think she's just talking nonsense. During a speech, she was ridiculed by the audience, but she had no choice but to turn on the fluorescent lamp to make the vampires appear. But this practice caused chaos on the scene and attracted the attention of the FBI, and the government decided to block the news.
When Stella returns to the hotel where she lives, she encounters three people who have had a similar experience with her and is invited to join the vampire hunt. They have a common purpose: to find the vampire queen Lilith and kill her.
Unexpectedly, there is another important person in the vampire hunting team: Dane, but he is a vampire. His family was killed by vampires. He was slightly injured and lucky to escape, so he became a vampire. With Dane's help, they survived the vampire slaughter and rescued a girl who told them that the vampire was preparing for a massacre in Wainwright, another town in Alaska State, under Lilith's orders. Stella decides to stop the killing.
They secretly boarded the vampire's boat to find Lilith, but accidentally discovered the secret about the vampire. It turns out that as long as the vampire's head is still there, even if the vampire is killed by the sun, they can still be resurrected with blood. After a fight Only Stella survived after that. Facing the Vampire Queen alone, she hid in the blood of the Vampire Queen's bath to confuse the Queen's sense of smell and cut off her head before she noticed.
Back home, Stella dug up her husband Eben's body and wanted to use her own blood to save him.   
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