Akame ga Kill! movie plot

2022-04-04 08:01
A country is like a human being that will gradually decay and go to the day of destruction. Ghosts and sprites in human skin will be arrogant and domineering. If the sky cannot punish the evil, all our professional killers will disappear in the darkness——
In the year 1024 of the imperial calendar, Tazmi, a boy from a village that was oppressed by the empire, with the hope of saving the village, traveled with his childhood sweetheart to the imperial capital, but was attacked by thieves at night and separated. After experiencing various disasters, Tazmi, who finally reached the imperial capital alone, saw the real appearance of the imperial capital.
"Recently, there seems to be a group of killers who specialize in assassinating officials of the imperial capital and wealthy families." On the one hand, Tazmi heard such rumors. Tazmi discovered their presence in the middle of the night at the noble house where they stayed overnight. The existence of the killer group -- "Night Attack". 
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