Akame ga Kill! movie plot

2022-04-04 08:01
A country is like a human being that will gradually decay and go to the day of destruction. Ghosts and sprites in human skin will be arrogant and domineering. If the sky cannot punish the evil, all our professional killers will disappear in the darkness——
In the year 1024 of the imperial calendar, Tazmi, a boy from a village that was oppressed by the empire, with the hope of saving the village, traveled with his childhood sweetheart to the imperial capital, but was attacked by thieves at night and separated. After experiencing various disasters, Tazmi, who finally reached the imperial capital alone, saw the real appearance of the imperial capital.
"Recently, there seems to be a group of killers who specialize in assassinating officials of the imperial capital and wealthy families." On the one hand, Tazmi heard such rumors. Tazmi discovered their presence in the middle of the night at the noble house where they stayed overnight. The existence of the killer group -- "Night Attack". 
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  • Kenton 2022-04-13 09:01:06

    what the hell. . . It felt good at first. . I've watched a lot of anime like this. . In fact, I don't care about getting a bento, but what exactly is going on here? .

  • Leo 2022-04-12 09:01:09

    I used to remember that you can watch it at station B, but now it's gone, the blood is okay, and the first episode has a cut in half. Chi Tong is a bit like blood? He also explained his nirvana during a life-and-death confrontation. 5. The queen appears. 6. An experience The killer of a hundred battles, it is illogical not to kill the main general in a critical moment, and it is illogical to go to the artifact. Hill hangs up so quickly. There is still SQUARE ENIX? Eating melons and watching a play alone?? The male protagonist also sighs from time to time, "Big brother is too powerful." What kind of mentality is this to describe the battle scene? Turn-based? The male protagonist inherited the big brother's artifact. The selected person will fuse multiple artifacts in the future? This armor is really ugly- -. The target of this selection is the dog blood and Jake Su. 16. The three artifacts have all come out, what about the eight-foot Qionggou jade? 21. The prisoner is not Wearing prison uniform. Maine's super-kill became the most bloody paragraph in the whole article. 23. The enemy is currently opening his mouth and ink. The male protagonist finally died. Meaning, the pros and cons often switch camps without thinking

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