Becoming Jane positive review

2022-01-01 08:02
The film fully respects the dressing style of the 18th-century English country characters, and the quiet country taste is ready to come out. The dances and farmhouses in the film, the hills and woods of Ireland, the muddy roads in the country, and the wet streets of London. are almost a restoration of the various scenes described by Jane Austen   .
A glamorous and fascinating biographical film of celebrities, in addition to having more depth and brilliance, it comes from the superb performance of the first-class actors in the film.
If you thought Jane Austen was a staid old maiden, knitting a sweater to spend her old age, then "Becoming Jane" will completely change your mind.
"Becoming Jane" is a light-hearted and joyful little movie, which interprets a love affair between Austin and the charming Irish lawyer during Christmas 1795.
The film’s narration method borrows from any other Austin adaptations, except that it didn’t learn how to diligently and effectively   .
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  • Thalia 2022-01-01 08:02:20

    That kiss in the woods. . . Chicken jelly~

  • Celestine 2022-03-25 09:01:11

    The scenery in the countryside is beautiful, and the film explores the similarities and differences between fiction and reality

Becoming Jane quotes

  • Judge Langlois: [Tom just joked about lawyers] Humour? Well, you're going to need that because I'm teaching you a lesson. I'm sending you to stay with your other relations, the Lefroys.

    Tom Lefroy: Uncle, they live in the country.

    Judge Langlois: Deep in the country.


  • Tom Lefroy: Miss? Miss? Miss...

    Jane Austen: Austen.

    Tom Lefroy: Mr. Lefroy.

    Jane Austen: Yes, I know, but I am alone.

    Tom Lefroy: Except for me.

    Jane Austen: Exactly.

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