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2022-01-24 08:01
Zoi R. Casaveze is the "blood of the movie" flowing on her body, which has a great influence on her when making movies, not to mention a lot of Casaveze is covered in "Broken English" For her personal experience, she believes: “I have loved to make stories and tell stories since I was a child, and have always insisted on writing. The inspiration for my creation of stories comes from the encouragement of my family. Without them, I don’t know how I would be. What it looks like, I don’t know if I will still maintain such a passion for movies."
Speaking of her father John Casaveze, who has passed away for 18 years, Zoe R. Casaveze is immersed in endless memories. Her father’s influence on her is the most profound, and in her works, how much Shao Ye carried the shadow of his father: "In the movies my dad made, there are a few that tell the most painful and boldest stories I have ever seen. When it comes to showing human suffering, my dad has no one. A talent that can be reached. Of course, I will also be attracted by this story theme, but what surprises me the most is that these feelings will have different meanings at different stages with increasing age and experience. To say Among all the works, my favorite is "Premiere Night", because it contains too many themes, which makes it so beautiful. My mother Gina Rowlands's performance in the film is too perfect It’s so charming even when it’s suffering--I like to see mom and dad acting together, even though my dad always likes to pretend to be a beast who is not as good as a pig or a dog."
Letting loneliness and love appear at the same time is the characteristic that Zoy R. Casaveze hopes "Broken English" can have. She said: "When you feel that you may never find true love, you will experience this. Feeling extremely painful and lonely. At this time, you can see yourself more deeply and know how much courage it takes to seize the opportunity that will make you happy, but this mission can’t always just stay in letting you On the basis that others understand you. As for the audience, after watching this film, they will also understand a truth, that is-love yourself." Casaveze regards this film as a "search for love", and then My best wishes for life are poured into it. Her script is plain and there is a continuous flow of emotions, but when she directs she shows a rare sincerity. This is very rare in the recent film industry. See, especially for the female characters in the film.
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