Certain Women evaluation action

2022-04-05 08:01
The film is understated and full of hints, depicting the confidence and desire of working women in work and life, and the characters in the film are masterpieces of minimalism. Starring Kristen Stewart put on an excellent performance, interpreting the contradictory characters just right.
The film's slow pace, careful consideration of every plot, and a somewhat incomprehensible story, but that's not its flaw, it's captivating for those who love it   .
Certain Women is very disappointing, technically adequate in general, but with all the time allotted to the three women, their true personalities are rare, and it all seems pointless and pointless  
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Certain Women quotes

  • The Rancher: Why were you afraid of selling shoes?

    Elizabeth Travis: Have you ever sold shoes?

    The Rancher: I mean, why were you afraid you couldn't get anything else?

    Elizabeth Travis: I don't know. Because my mom works in a school cafeteria, my sister in a hospital laundry. So, selling shoes is the nicest job a girl from my family's supposed to get.

  • Fuller: You could talk about anything. Talk about the weather. Talk about your day. Just so you put it in an envelope and... put it in the mail. Doesn't have to be a tome.

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