City of Women movie plot

2022-07-05 22:16
Marcelo (Old History) met a woman in the same car on the train, which made him very moved, and the two were attracted to each other. But the woman suddenly got off the train when the train was at the station and walked into the woods. Lao Shi followed her, but the woman disappeared in a blink of an eye. Finally, Lao Shi came to a large hotel where a grand feminist seminar was being held. Lao Shi walked into the hotel, hoping to find the whereabouts of the woman on the train, but unexpectedly he was trapped in Woman City. After a bizarre expedition, he was tortured, condemned, despised by thousands of Women .until he finally escaped from this terrifying City of Women, only to find that everything was just an absurd and grotesque nightmare. It was only after waking up from the dream that it became clear that it was not the beautiful woman sitting across from him, but his wife. Lao Shi breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, other passengers entered the carriage. Looking up, the people who entered the carriage were all the women he had seen in his dreams.
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City of Women quotes

  • Old Lady: "A house without a woman", they say in my parts, "is like the Sea without a Siren". Don't you agree with me?

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