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2022-03-25 08:01
The 1980 classic musical "Fame" once led a wave, so how can an old film be rejuvenated? For director Kevin Tancharoen, redesigning the dance and lighting was key. He said: "If this movie is to have a huge audience after nearly 30 years, then the original film's dance and song need to be completely replaced. And also some new shooting methods. In the original film , Parker only used a single-camera shooting method, and there was nothing wrong with it at the time. Many famous musical scenes in musicals were shot with a single camera, but today, you can't do that. If I If I still only use one camera, the audience will definitely scold me. Therefore, when dealing with those relatively large singing and dancing scenes, I use 10 or even more cameras. Only in this way can I shoot a film that meets the aesthetic tastes of modern audiences. Shots. On top of that, the crew designed a dance for me that got faster and stronger. It wasn't exactly hip-hop, not exactly classical tap. It was more of a hybrid dance. Hybrid a different style.”
The film also made major changes to the music. In the old version in 1980, Alan Parker used a lot of piano and jazz, and the film's music also won the Oscar that year. However, in the new version, Don Charoen has kept some of the most popular music, and for other music, Mark Isham has made arrangements. Don Charoen said: "We took the old music and remixed and re-arranged it. We put some electronic music in there - and that made it more contemporary. So the music in the film sounds There are both classical elements and more popular elements, such as hip-hop and electronic music. As for the rap that is often used in youth musicals, I have not used it. It is not that I hate rap, but that it is not needed in the film. "
So how much influence did the original film have on Don Charoen, and how much content from the old version will appear in the new version? Faced with this problem, Don Charon said: "To be honest, the content in the old edition hardly appeared in the new edition. I just borrowed a New York art school from the old edition, a group of high schools who studied here. It's just raw. From the plot to the characters, even the main body is completely new. I don't think this is a remake, in a sense, this is a brand new movie. You know, high school students 30 years ago are doing it now Dad, so I'm going to film the stories of my parents when they were young and show them to their children? Isn't this superfluous? So Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. simply hired a young screenwriter and rewrote the entire script so that the Movie stories are in line with the tastes of modern youth."
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