Gentleman's Agreement evaluation action

2022-02-02 08:02
"Gentlemen's Agreement" is a well-established didactic film, and even if this film is measured among films critical of racial discrimination, it is hardly a top choice. In "Gentlemen's Agreement," screenwriter Moss Hagen and director Elijah Kazan disappointed audiences with their performances. In terms of narrative method, the film adopts the most common flat and straightforward method, and the whole film wastes a quarter of the space on irrelevant explanations, which also reflects that Elijah Kazan's directing method is not. concise. In the film, the role of the camera seems to be just to explain the story, and the picture itself has no image charm at all. In the film, the crisis faced by the male protagonist has never reached a climax, and many scenes that could have created contradictions ended in nothing. The only time the actor takes the initiative to attack is also weak and weak, completely lacking the dramatic tension that can arouse the emotions of the audience  .
In "Gentlemen's Agreement", the director completely adopts the "black and white dichotomy" to shape the characters, which makes the characters in the film appear thin and fleshless, and it is difficult to establish eternal artistic vitality. Gentlemen's Agreement does not make a strong accusation against the anti-Semites who actually commit injustice, so from a moral standpoint, it is difficult for the film to be recognized by the audience. As a film centered on the discussion of moral issues, the director cannot grasp the ambiguity and complexity of morality, so "Gentlemen's Agreement" is not a successful film  .
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Extended Reading
  • Meredith 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Phil Green, Mona Fey's niece, Kathy's son Tom, is a rather dull movie. In fact, Oscar's movies are not necessarily very good. Gentleman's Agreement. . On the contrary, I really like the movies of IMDB250. Some of the movies in it are not Oscars, but they are enough to make me quite amazed. Although it feels a little dull at the beginning, it is full of climaxes afterward. The film tells what happened to Phil Green who wanted to write about Jewish discrimination and pretend to be Jewish. Although his girlfriend Casey opposed Jewish discrimination, she only spoke up and did not dare to stand up against it. Pretending he doesn't exist will silence more people I know it won't change the status quo, but there has to be a beginning

  • Holden 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Kazan and Pike are a perfect match for the left

Gentleman's Agreement quotes

  • Tommy Green: Pop, are we Jewish? Jimmy Kelley said we were. Our janitor told his janitor.

    Phil Green: Well, what did you tell Jimmy Kelley?

    Tommy Green: I said I'd ask you.

    Phil Green: Well, it's like this. Remember that movie Kathy and I took you to, and you asked if things like that really happened?

    Tommy Green: Kathy said they were pretending.

    Phil Green: Well, I'm pretending I'm Jewish for something I'm writing.

    Tommy Green: You mean like a game?

    Phil Green: Yes, but I'd appreciate it if you promised not to tell anybody it's a game.

    Tommy Green: Okay, Pop, sure.

  • Phil Green: I've been saying I'm Jewish, and it works.

    Dave Goldman: Why, you crazy fool! It's working?

    Phil Green: It works too well. I've been having my nose rubbed in it, and I don't like the smell.

    Dave Goldman: You're not insulated yet, Phil. The impact must be quite a business on you.

    Phil Green: You mean you get indifferent to it in time?

    Dave Goldman: No, but you're concentrating a lifetime into a few weeks. You're not changing the facts, you're just making them hurt more.

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