I Think I Love My Wife screenwriter duo

2022-03-25 08:01
To turn Eric Rohmer's story into a fresh, modern romantic comedy, Christopher Emmanuel Paul Rock enlisted his longtime partner, comedy star Louis C.K. Like Locke, he's married and has kids -- and he's got a lot to say about the potential crisis this marital state could present. However, Louis C.K. has long been the first to explore the myriad issues that can arise in the context of marriage, and in his controversial sitcom " Lucky Louie ," the focus is on a The life of a working-class couple. Locke recalled the situation: "I showed Eric Rohmer's Love in the Afternoon to Louis C.K. He liked it very much." In fact, Louis C.K not only liked the story, he Also seeing the potential comedic elements that Locke saw in it, the two immediately decided to bring together the fun ideas that were running wild in their heads. Louis C.K. commented on the process: "It's a great story for us. I think what Christopher Emmanuel Paul Locke and I share is a very real part of marriage, and we know that the film is a hope to share with A mix of despair, focusing on the constant fluctuations between two people living together. At the same time, it's a very common and timeless theme, and I Think I Love My Wife isn't really condemning the husband It's a test of infidelity, but a test of a person's attitude when faced with a test. I believe that married people can find resonance in the film, admitting the troubles of marriage and having children, of course, these are all It was done with laughter."
Indeed, both Christopher Emmanuel Paul Locke and Louis C.K. clearly recognize that although there are many Hollywood comedies, few are more inclined to the troublesome side of marriage, so "I Think I Love My Wife is sure to go deep into the soul of viewers, especially for young couples who are just becoming parents. Louis C.K.: "I think men should have a longer-term plan, especially after they get married and become fathers. So the idea that Christopher Emmanuel Paul Rourke brings up in the film stands out: Richard thinks he's got He had the life he wanted, but suddenly a beautiful woman said to him, 'Maybe it's because your heart died long ago, and you didn't realize it, maybe this is not the life you want'. Believe this is The worst nightmare that every married man has to face. It's human nature to fantasize about things you don't have, but I also know that in any long-lasting marriage a couple is likely to be in Lost in love again, like Richard and Brenda experienced in the film."
The challenge for Christopher Emmanuel Paul Locke and Louis C.K. was to adapt Love in the Afternoon, which is full of sensitive and lengthy voiceovers in the European style of the 1970s. They have preserved the basic structure of the film: a successful businessman with a wonderful wife, then he meets an old friend and is irresistibly seduced.other than that, the dialogue and the format are all captured by Christopher Emmanuel Paul. Rock's signature comedy elements are replaced, including two couples having dinner at a table where the wife is a close friend but the husband is not -- all stemming from Rock's imaginative brain. After the script is completed, the straightforward and fast tone immediately makes the film very stylized. It is completely different from Eric Rohmer's version of "Love in the Afternoon". The whole story is surrounded by Christopher Emmanuel Paul Rock's unique humorous cells. As he puts it: "The story told in the film may make some audience members feel a little uncomfortable, but that tension is defused by the laughter that ensues."
Since this film was far from Christopher Emmanuel Paul Locke's previous style, he didn't think about directing the film himself at that time, but he liked the story so much that he was afraid to invite some unfamiliar director Poor communication ruined its style, and in the end, he had to direct the director himself - in addition to the director and screenwriter, Locke was also the producer and starring of the film. This comedy that tests modern marriages may not be Christopher Emmanuel Paul Rock's consistent principles, so you'd expect it to come from Woody Allen. But it's important to note that Rock brought the film It's a really grown-up, sophisticated vibe, not a casual mess. Many watched as Rock grew from a fearless young comedian to a family married man, and now, like the film's main character Richard, lives on the outskirts of the city and has to deal with a husband and father. All right, all he has to do is bring real life to the big screen in a more interesting way.
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  • Jamey 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    It's a bit exaggerated and a bit soapy, but it's very life-like and realistic. There is no flaming mountain that cannot be adapted to cross.

  • Eileen 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    i think i love my wife

I Think I Love My Wife quotes

  • Richard Cooper: Before you get married you get calls like...

    Brenda Cooper: I can't wait to suck your dick.

    Richard Cooper: After you get married you get calls like...

    Brenda Cooper: I can't wait for you come home to see these drapes.

  • [Brenda sees Richard's erection as he's on the phone]

    Brenda Cooper: Are you talking to some little bitch? Are you talking to some whore? In my house?

    Richard Cooper: No no no, it's George, it's George.

    Brenda Cooper: George? What kind of down low shit is that?

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