King of Devil's Island behind the scenes gags

2022-03-27 08:01
For Norway, a small film country, the director Maris Horst had carefully considered the filming of this film that exposed the government's taint. He said that he did not make this film to embarrass the government, but to show it in the film. human power. He said: "There was once a poem to the effect that if you treat people like wild animals, they will become wild animals; if you treat prisoners like prisoners, they will become prisoners. In this story, all the children are treated like prisoners and beasts, so they end up being the rioters. Actually, it's a corollary. The success of this movie depends on the collective performance of the actors, who have starred in "Thor" Sweden's top male star Stellan Skarsgard plays the brutal warden in the film. In addition, what is more praised and appreciated is the performance of the group of teenage children, who are right and wrong As a professional actor, it really surprises me to have such a wonderful performance."
Although the production cost of the film was only 54 million NOK (about 9.95 million US dollars), it was the most expensive film ever made by 4 1/2 production company.
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Extended Reading
  • Lionel 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    When you want to be domesticated, to be captured, does the whale in your heart want to fight it, bruised and bruised, just not to leave the sea, where we should belong (sigur ros plus one star)

  • Jovani 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    Barely pass. Adapted from a true story (so the riot at the end of the film is also true?), in fact, the story is not new. The unyielding hard-headed male protagonist was sent to the Lonely Island Children's Academy. , The teenagers, led by a few diehards, turned into a riot that called in soldiers. The narrative of the film is restrained and frugal. The environment is already a barren land covered with ice and snow. There are not many but vigorous violent scenes and the punishment measures of the juvenile hospital appear gloomy and hopeless (the three people who were punished for logging can only eat rotten fish heads). The ecology of the juvenile academy and the relationship between people are depicted in simple line drawings. The matter of the administrator and the suicidal teenager is not directly replayed, but only explained by the administrator's eyes when the teenager is doing laundry. , such a boring tone is normal in Nordic movies. The story of the whale who died with a harpoon told by the male protagonist is actually his last words and his own situation. It seems unnecessary to tell this story several times throughout the film. During the riot, the male protagonist tried to call the king of Norway, who am I? I am the king of Alcatraz!

King of Devil's Island quotes

  • Erling: You do not belong here, either. Goodbye, manager!

  • Bestyreren: You are accused of fornication with a child. Do you understand what that means?

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