Leningrad Cowboys Go America evaluation action

2022-07-07 22:50
Director Kaurismaki is shooting serious social dramas and absurd comedies in Leningrad Cowboys Go America. The film is a happy and hard-working film. The dumb performances and silly hairstyles of the "cowboys" are the source of the film's jokes. But Kaurismaki, who is used to serious social dramas, will not be so vulgar. What he is actually discussing is the issue of "a hundred flowers blooming" and "a hundred schools of thought contend" in culture. He revealed the fact that under the suppression of the mainstream entertainment system in the United States, other cultures can only be supporting roles   .
"Leningrad Cowboys Go America" ​​is an absurd farce. The whole film is absurd throughout. The characters in the film have no sober self-awareness and lack of artistic talent. The film mocks the influence of American vulgar pop culture, even reaching Faraway Finland   .
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  • Siberian Svengali: [after audition] Bullshit.

    Igor: How come?

    Siberian Svengali: No commercial potential. Go to America. They'll put up with anything there...

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