Lost in Thailand Reviews

2022-03-05 08:02
The biggest laughing device in "Thai 囧" is the character, whose unexpected lines and reactions are hilarious. Road chases, jungle fights, and duel with Muay Thai masters, these action elements add a lot of visual pleasure as an adjustment and supplement to the relatively static two-person dialogue. Different from other comedy films, the jokes in "Tai 囧" all appear in the form of series, such as the cactus series, the shemale series, and the scallion pancake series. These jokes are not only pure comedy elements, but also promote the development of the plot. power. The theme of the film is actually very traditional, how "heavy profit" is infected and transformed by "heavy affection", allowing a low-end character to subtly transform a high-end character through his own thoughts and language (   )
"Thai 囧" is just a normal comedy, it does not bear the heavy burden of family and country feelings, nor does it have the ambition to establish a school. It just discards the tricks of spoofing, bids farewell to the madness of nothingness, and makes the comedy return to "talking people's words and doing people's affairs" "The old way.   )
"Thai 囧" is not an outstanding movie. If Hollywood movies are used as a comparison object, "Tai 囧" is just a comedy type film that does everything well."  
"Thailand" has completed a post-colonial counter-attack. Chinese tourists have become strong foreign intruders. ราชอาณาจักรไทย; English speakers are completely outside the story in the film, they are either dull passers-by or fierce The gangsters, or the simple villagers - this is almost completely in line with the post-colonial expression we criticized, except that it is no longer Western-centrism, but a kind of "China-centrism". ( Review  
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  • Kathleen 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    Best comedy I've seen in years. Originally I wanted to pick on the thorns, but then I thought about it, it was going to end, everyone was happy and shed a few tears, which was actually quite satisfying.

  • Oran 2022-03-16 09:01:09

    The ending of "Dang" with Fan Bingbing's appearance is the most amazing! ! No urination all the way!

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