My Cousin Rachel positive review

2022-04-05 08:01
Deep and poignant, the film appears to be an untouched adaptation of the 1952 original of the same name, but more clearly and directly taps into the original's already ambiguous contemporary gender issues. In contrast to the 1952 version, Romy Michel makes a clear point in the film that the story fits into the core of contemporary gender relationship pain points. The fear of independent women and the inability to understand independent women spread among male generations like a genetic disease. At the same time, the maturity and soul beauty of independent women also make men addicted to drugs. All of Rachel's unique features beyond ordinary blind obedient women have become evidence that she is a "witch". In the end, "stripping that witch" will inevitably become the only way for powerful men after dementia to break out  .
Compared with the 1952 version, Rachel played by Vichy is much more modern. She endowed Rachel with the spirit of fighting for independence and freedom, and she was also more energetic and her temperament was wide open. Impulsive" behavior buried a good note, and also made it easier for the audience to believe that a young boy who had never been out of the village, never dated, and was quite young would fall in love with such a modern, humorous and beautiful woman at first sight. And Philip played by Sam was far more youthful than the Philip played by Burton, who was 27 years old at the time. He interpreted the impatience and impulsiveness of Philip as a teenager. Director Roger Michell also strengthened the "herbal tea" element, which was weak in the 1952 version, leaving the audience a lot of imagination   .
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My Cousin Rachel quotes

  • Philip: Good night.

    Rachel: Good night.

    Philip: And I hope you'll sleep.

    Rachel: You too.

    Philip: And not be angry with me.

    Rachel: I wasn't angry with you, Phillip. Come here. Bend down.

    [she gives him a kiss]

    Rachel: Now, go to bed like a good boy. Go. Go!

  • Rachel: Why should women suffer in childbirth? Is it simply their destiny to do so?

    Philip: I never thought about it.

    Rachel: No. Of course, you haven't. You know nothing about women.

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