Reds 【actor】

2022-02-02 08:16
From a performance point of view, Henry Warren Beaty is still qualified, and his interpretation ofレド Redo 's seriousness and Western hallucinatory sense of mission is still in place. Annie's Louise Bryant is nothing to write home about, and we really can't find any reason whyレド Redo fell in love with her. She complains throughout the film, but it seems to confirm her famous point: "Louis was never a Communist, she just slept with one." In reality, though, Louise is also true toレドRedo said, "If you go to Russia, when you come back, I don't know if I'll be here." After you've seen the movie, you might think the Annie Awards would say, "Louise was never a fun and The important characters, she just happened to do a few." In the whole film, Jack Nicholson is the most prominent, Eugene O'Neal has left a deep impression on the audience with his pain and cynicism, and he is worthy of Oscars .
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  • Deontae 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    It's better to call it "Red Molecule". For more than three hours, the line of sight could not be taken away. The hero goes from writer to activist, and the heroine goes from family rebellion to political awakening, every step of the way is clearly visible. A major feature is whose single sentence is longer and whose consciousness is higher.

  • Herminia 2022-03-21 09:03:27

    Fighting for faith is the real life

Reds quotes

  • Louise Bryant: What as?

    John Reed: Well, it's almost Thanksgiving. You could go as a turkey.

  • Speaker - Liberal Club: What is this war about? Each man will have his own answer. I have mine. I'm ready to be called! Now, tonight we have with us the son of Margaret and the late C.J. Reed of Portland, who has withessed this war first-hand. And I, for one, see no reason why we here at the Liberal Club shouldn't listen to what Jack Reed has to say. What would you say this war is about, Jack Reed?

    John Reed: [stands up] Profits.

    [sits down]

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