Saturday Night and Sunday Morning evaluation action

2022-07-04 19:00
"Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" is an early representative work of British angry youth and one of the representative works of the British New Wave in the 1960s. It reflects youth and rebellion and promotes the development of British New Wave films. Although this film is not a documentary, it continues the spirit of British free film. Through the image of the protagonist Arthur, the director depicts the weekend life of British workers, and the film is sharp and not lacking in comedy.    .Review)
"Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" is director Karel Reisz's first feature film. The director used a subjective lens to truly express the image of a prodigal son living in the British lower society on the screen, which left a deep impression on the audience   .
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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning quotes

  • Arthur Seaton: Where do you work then Doreen?

    Doreen: Me? Harrison's, the hairnet factory, I've been there ever since I left school.

  • Arthur Seaton: It costs too much to get married, a lump sum down and your wages a week for life.

    Bert: Most blokes ain't got aught else to work for, have they?

    Arthur Seaton: No. I have though. I work for the factory, the income tax and the insurance already, that's enough for a bit. They rob you right, left and centre. After they've skinned you dry you get called up to the army and get shot to death.

    Bert: That's how things are Arthur, no good going crackers over it. All you can do is go on working and hope that some day something good will turn up.

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