Shinjuku Incident behind the scenes gags

2022-02-04 08:01
1. Jackie Chan pretended to be fainted in the running water. In fact, he also needed to use his Yin force to push the running water away so as not to be washed away by the running water. Otherwise, he might have been washed away by the flood water before taking him down. Naoto Takenaka was struggling to speak Mandarin, but thanks to Jackie Chan's constant teaching on correct pronunciation, his Mandarin improved rapidly. 
2. Most of the scenes of "Shinjuku Incident" were filmed in Japan . Because of the participation of Jackie Chan, the Japanese government strongly supported it. One of the important scenes was filmed in the Minatogawa waterway inこうべ, which is never open to tourists. The forbidden place to enter, but because of Jackie Chan's relationship, an exception was made to let the crew enter to shoot. 
3. A scene tells that Chin Ka Lok was unfortunately hit by a garbage truck on the hillside while dumping garbage. If he won the first prize, he was buried alive by hundreds of bags of garbage for 20 seconds. Jackie Chan and Daniel N. Wu and Dan had to remove the garbage bag immediately and rescue Chin Ka Lok. This scene took a total of 7 shots to complete. Every time Chin Ka Lok came out of the garbage heap, the reaction was not to say pain, but to say: "It smells so bad!". 
4. Movies where Joan Lin "killed" and Jackie Chan insisted include "Shinjuku Incident". 
5. Derek Tung-Shing Yee once tried to cut and change violent and bloody scenes, but found that it destroyed the structure of the story and affected the quality of the film, so he had no choice but to announce to the outside world and completely abandon the mainland market. 
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