Sound of Noise movie plot

2022-07-10 22:58
Veteran detective Amadeus was born into a musical family, and his childhood memory is a long list of ancestors representing glory, but he hates music, it is a kind of torture.
When a group of drummers advocating anarchism launched a music flash mob attack, beating the whole city as a musical instrument, first sneaking into the surgery room, using the instruments and the human body as percussion instruments, and then smashing the banknotes in the bank to create a beautiful sound, a blatant challenge. Authorities, Amadeus's life was thrown into chaos. In order to hunt down these musical terrorists, he must step into the world of music he has spent most of his life trying to escape.
The drummers prepare to take the Opera House as their ultimate goal, giving the city a concert like never before, and Amadeus' brother is conducting the night. At this point, Amadeus finds himself in love with the leader of the troublemakers. 
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Sound of Noise quotes

  • Police Chief: They won't get away with this! We're going to rid this city of musical scum!

  • Amadeus Warnebring: You might as well shut up. I can't hear you.

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