Sukiyaki Western Django movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
After the decisive battle of Yuanpingtanpu, the Heike family fled to the deep mountains and established Yutian Village. Since then, he has not been out of the mountains for hundreds of years, and has lived a secluded Taoyuan life. However, their peaceful life was disrupted by one after another of outsiders. It was rumored in the world that Yutian Village buried gold and silver treasures that could help the Heike make a comeback, thus attracting greedy and murderous people to gather here. Soon, the descendant of the Heike family, Hei Qingsheng ) , came with his followers to drive away the treasure hunters. But Ping Qingsheng was by no means a kind person. He used more cruel means to force the local tribes to reveal the treasure location, and he did not hesitate to kill innocent people. It didn't take long for the Heike's nemesis, Yoshitsuneto lead his troops to this place. The arrival of the mysterious lone gunmandisrupts the balance between the two sides, and Yudamura becomes even more turbulent   .
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  • Cathryn 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    Gorgeous cast, ugly Japanese-style English, and the director's cost of shooting from HIGH, I don't even want to beat Samsung for this film!

  • Ludwig 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    A little funny, a little funny. Just like the smorgasbord at the beginning, it tastes full of flavors. People with bad appetite can't eat the drops.

Sukiyaki Western Django quotes

  • Ruriko: But tenderness alone won't get you far in life.

  • Benkei: It takes truly something for people to finally learn.The way to your loyal heart, with love. Yoshitsune. I'll make you notice me.

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