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2022-03-30 08:01
In order to avoid being bound by the stylized box, director Stephen Frears shuttles through different types of films, and he does it with ease, so it is more difficult to define his film style. Alan Macdonald said, "Unlike Almodóvar's films, the audience realizes that this is Almodóvar after a few shots. The most important thing for Stephen to make a film is to read the script. The three films I worked with him " The Queen ," " Chéri , " and " Tamara ," each in a different style, was both exciting and challenging for us."
Stephen is good at digging out new talents, will guide the actors to play their best level, and can create an atmosphere for the actors to enjoy their work. Gemma said, “Stephen would change his style a lot and do things that were always unexpected because it’s a comedy, it’s not like anything he’s done before, but he’s the perfect person to make this film because he doesn’t It's just going to be a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland comedy. He's very talented, he's going to dig deeper and deeper, and he makes the characters seem so real that you're going to be moved by it."
Additionally, actors often describe Stephen as generous, with Roger Allam saying, "He doesn't get too involved in the minutiae of the performance, but when you're resting, he'll come to you and guide you without any reservations. Dominic Cooper said, " Stephen will give you a lot of confidence. My character in the film needs to be very confident in what he does, very relaxed and adventurous, so I need to be prepared to make mistakes and act like Like a fool, if everyone is satisfied, it means that I still have room to continue experimenting, and the director agrees with my approach." Tamsin Gregg said, "He is very interested in people, so you have to believe You bring what he wants, and if not, you'll know soon enough. He's like a sculptor, he waits for things to come naturally."
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Tamara Drewe quotes

  • Glen McCreavy: Wow, this is a great old house.

    Tamara Drewe: Thanks. Do you want to buy it?

    Glen McCreavy: I'm not the property owning type. No, I prefer my life to fit in hand luggage.

  • Andy Cobb: That why you're home, to flog it?

    Tamara Drewe: Yep.

    Andy Cobb: Make a nice second home for some banker wankers.

    Tamara Drewe: Look Andy, if you want it, why don't you just make me an offer?

    Andy Cobb: Because, sadly, I'm still prey to the economic forces that threw the peasant classes off the land.

    Tamara Drewe: Unlucky.

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