The Last Waltz other companies:

2022-03-14 08:01
Arista Records [The United States of America] "Sip the Wine" performed by Rick Danko courtesy of (as Arista Records Inc.)
Enactron Truckrecorded by
Filmways/Heider Recording [The United States of America] recorded by
Goldwyn Studios re-recorded by
Lee Filters USAcolor filters (as Lee Filters Ltd.)
MGM Studios [The United States of America] production facilities
Modern Film Effects [The United States of America] optical effects
Norman's Rare Guitars [The United States of America] special thanks
Panavision, Dallas [The United States of America] camera equipment provided by
Pattim Serviceslighting equipment
The Film League Inc. [ The United States of America ] special thanks
The Village [The United States of America] special thanks (as Village Recorder)
Warner Bros. Records [The United States of America] soundtrack released by (as Warner Bros. Records and Tapes) 
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  • Idella 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    I just wanna say: It's really amazing!!! 70s are golden old days!!!

  • Gerda 2022-04-23 07:05:22

    The father of introductory music documentaries... There is nothing but adoration for old Martin's use of shot scheduling and color...

The Last Waltz quotes

  • [while performing his guitar solo, his guitar strap comes undone]

    Eric Clapton: Hold on.

  • Richard Manuel - Piano: [describing how The Band got its name] Well, we were The Hawks.

    Robbie Robertson - Guitar: And everything was fine, we were sailing along, and all of a sudden, one day The Hawks meant something else altogether.

    Richard Manuel - Piano: And it was right in the middle of that whole psychedelia. Chocolate Subway, Marshmallow Overcoat. Those kind of names, you know?

    Robbie Robertson - Guitar: When we were working with Bob Dylan and we moved to Woodstock, everybody referred to us as the band. He called us the band, our friends called us the band, our neighbors called us the band.

    Richard Manuel - Piano: We started out with The Crackers. We tried to call ourselves The Honkies. Everybody kind of backed off from that. It was too straight. So we decided just to call ourselves The Band.

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