The Leisure Seeker creative background

2022-07-19 22:10
The film is the first English-language film by an Italian director   . After his previous films were released in the United States, they have attracted the attention of many American film companies. He never thought of making a film outside of Italy, so initially he just wanted to make an "Italian" film that hit the Oscar for best foreign language film, but by chance he saw Michael Sardurian's film. The short story, immediately moved, wrote the script for the American studio, and said that as long as Helen Lydia Mirren and Donald Sutherland were invited to star, he would direct the "American" film.   After getting the approval of Helen Lydia Mirren and Donald Sutherland, he completely gave up the plan to shoot in Italy, and went to the United States to investigate   .
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The Leisure Seeker quotes

  • John Spencer: Traveling's important. Broadening your horizons, broadens your mind.

  • John Spencer: Do you wear boxers or briefs?

    Dan Coleman: I wear diapers, white boy, and now get out of here.

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