The Man Who Cried Companies

2022-03-18 08:01
24/25 Virtuel . editing equipment (as Virtuel 24/25)
AON/Albert G. Ruben Insurance Services Inc. [US] . insurance (as AON/Albert G. Ruben)
Alter Ego [UK] . adr voice casting
Angels the Costumiers [UK] . costumiers (as Angels Costumes)
Artistic Palace [Spain] . editing facility
BBC Worldwide [UK] . sound archives: New recording licensed by
Blowup [UK] . stills processing
British Screen Finance Ltd. [UK] . developed with the assistance of
Casting Collective [UK] . extras casting (uncredited)
Central Color [France] . stills processing
Cinefood [France] . catering (as Cine Food)
Copyright Societe Nouvelle D'Exploitation De La Tour Eiffel [France] . special thanks: Eiffel Tower lighting
Cosprop Ltd. [UK] . costumiers (as Cosprop)
Euro Signal Distribution [UK] . special thanks
Faber and Faber [UK] . publisher: screenplay
Forest Enterprise Bourne Wood [UK] . special thanks
France Rail Publicite [France] . special thanks
France Télécom [France] . special thanks
Global Music Service [UK] . music copying and preparation (as Global Music Services)
International Film Guarantors Inc. completion guarantor
Iris Camera [France] . camera & lenses
Jewish Music Distribution [UK] . special thanks
L'ASAV [France] . special thanks
La Gendarmerie Nationale [France] . special thanks
Lee Lighting Ltd. [UK] . lighting (uncredited)
Midnight Transfer [UK] . editing facility
Musicalities Limited [UK] . music management and supervision
PIE [France] . line production services: France
Prefecture De Police De Paris [France] . special thanks
Set Meals [UK] . catering
Shepperton Film Studios [UK] . re-recorded at
Sony Classical [US] . soundtrack available on
Sony Music Soundtrax [US] . soundtrack (uncredited)
Steeple Post Production Services [UK] . post-production consultant
Sylvia Wheeler Film Services [UK] . negative cutting
Taraf de Haldouks . group cast members
The Rac Club [UK] . special thanks 
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Extended Reading
  • Gia 2022-03-18 09:01:10

    Cate Blanchett simply shines. Christina Ricci and Johnny Dipper have become complete vases, if they don't have a melancholy literary face, they are nothing, and they don't have to act anyway, as long as their eyes are empty. Looking at the camera, you can be fascinated by the large number of boys and girls on the screen, and Dipper's performance is not even as good as the white horse he is holding in his hand.

  • Hugh 2022-04-23 07:05:28

    6/10. The balanced composition of Lola and Dante sitting side by side in the reception room breaks the affiliation of the sexes. The title of crying, incompetent and angry, applies to men in the film, whether his father's red eyes when he left Susie, or Caesar, who sits in the shadows and weeps after love has passed away, men are bound by their mission and unable to resist their fate, and they are incapable of resisting their destiny. This is especially true for Ding. Dante, who was poor in his childhood, believed that the more money the more pure, he would lose his ability to earn income due to the war, so he went to the church to pray. The progress of love is conveyed quite implicitly and ambiguous. After the rehearsal, Susie glanced at Caesar, but Caesar lowered her head to avoid it. When Susie turned around and raised her eyes, when Caesar was illiterate and could only draw a cross on the salary table, Susie raised her eyes and was ridiculed. Looking directly at Caesar, the scene changes to him taking her into the gypsy bar, implying the beginning of spiritual contact, Laura in the lounge showing off her gifts, Laura in front of the dresser away from everyone, disgusting Laura's snobbery attached to men, she secretly Following Caesar on horseback, looking at the gypsy gathering place through the barbed wire, it was like breaking into the forbidden area of ​​love. In laughter and laughter, she sang her father's lullaby, and the two wandering nations resonated emotionally.

The Man Who Cried quotes

  • Dante Dominio: [about gypsies] They are dirty.

    Suzie: How would you be if you lived on the road?

    Dante Dominio: Ah, well, but I don't! I live in an apartment with two bathrooms and beautiful furniture which I pay for with money I have earned. Why do they live like that? Because they are dirty, lazy thieves! Because they don't want to work, to make something of themselves!

    Suzie: They live on the road because their homes were taken away. They have nowhere else to go.

  • [Dante has been ingratiating himself with Nazi officers, while Suzie has been helping the gypsies]

    Dante Dominio: [as she clears up horse droppings] Hey, little Suzie. You have found your place at last, amongst the animals.

    Suzie: And you have found yours.

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