The Twilight Samurai movie plot

2022-03-22 08:01
In the Kaisaka domain at the end of the shogunate, Iguchi Kiyobeiwas a low-level samurai with a meager salary. His wife passed away after becoming ill due to overwork, and there are two daughters and an elderly mother at home. After the end of each day's work, Qingbingwei hurriedly hurried home when it was still dusk. Less time to socialize with colleagues. Because of this, his colleagues nicknamed him "The Kiyobei ​​of the Twilight".
Kiyobei ​​meets Iinuma, a good friend whom he has not seen for many years. Iinuma's younger sister, Tomo, was divorced because of her husband Toyotaro's rudeness, and now lives in her parents' home. Pengjiang and Qingbingwei have known each other since childhood (childhood relationship). After learning about the predicament of Qingbingwei, Pengjiang often went to help him with household chores.
One night, Seibei sent Tomoe home, and at Iinuma's house, he met Toyotaro who was drunk and came to accuse him of trouble. Kiyobei ​​replaced Iinuma, who was not good at swordsmanship, and duel with Toyotaro, easily defeated Toyotaro with a wooden stick, and his name as a swordsman spread in private.
Pengjiang frequently haunts Qingbingwei's house, and is also very close to Qingbingwei's two daughters. Finally one day, Iinuma came to formally propose a marriage, but Qingbingwei declined the kindness because he did not want Pengjiang to suffer because of his poor family. Pengjiang never came to the door again.
At this time, the dispute over the heir to the feudal lord has heated up, and Kiyobei ​​received an order to fight against the famous swordsman Yugo Zenemon. Qingbingwei refused to fight, but was sternly reprimanded that "the feudal order is the order of the feudal lord", so he was forced to accept it. Before leaving, Qingbingwei confessed to Pengjiang his long-hidden love   .
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  • Jamey 2022-03-23 09:03:33

    It tells the story of the end of a class, but it can feel warmth in the depression. Just the right amount of forbearance, just the right amount of sadness, just the right amount of twilight light.

  • Katelin 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    It depicts the real life and mental state of a low-level samurai before the Meiji Restoration at the end of the shogunate, and also reflects the state of the entire society. The rich emotions of the samurai as a person make people deeply understand the other side of the samurai face.

The Twilight Samurai quotes

  • Kayano Iguchi: Father, If I learn to do needlework someday I can make kimonos. But what good will book learning ever do me?

    Seibei Iguchi: Well, it probably won't ever be as useful as needlework. But you know, book learning gives you the power to think. However the world might change, if you have the power to think you'll always survive somehow. That's true for boys and for girls. All right?

    Kayano Iguchi: Yes.

  • Seibei Iguchi: I am ashamed to say that over many years of hardship with two daughters, a sick wife and an aged mother, I have lost the desire to wield a sword. A serious fight, the killing of a man, requires animal ferocity and calm disregard for one's own life. I have neither of those within me now. Perhaps in a month... alone with the beasts in the hills I could get them back. But tomorrow, I am afraid, is completely impossible.

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