Toilet: A Love Story evaluation action

2022-04-06 08:01
The film shows the big from the small, so that more and more people realize the "toilet problem" and begin to think about the living conditions of Indian women   . The film is different from the traditional Bollywood romance films, the film's love story revolves around "a toilet". It has made the Indian people aware of the importance of the "toilet" issue, and the government has also started to change the living conditions of 600 million Indian women  
The film starts from the trivial matter of the newlywed husband wanting to build a toilet for his wife, explaining why the toilet cannot be built and where the obstacles appear. All these points of entry are close to life. Even if the audience does not know India, everyone can feel the same way about going to the toilet. At the same time, the embarrassment inherent in this behavior is conducive to integrating comedy elements and enhancing visibility. The film not only shows the wonders of India's humanities in a small way, but also completes the self-reflection on the social reality of India's male superiority and the backward cultural concept. 
"Toilet - Ek Prem Katha" focuses on the reality of India, seeks inspiration from daily life, and shows the social status of Indian women through Indian toilet culture At the same time, the film is also interspersed with a large number of Indian songs and dances and traditional folk customs. The linear narrative method relatively completely shows the entire process and emotional context of the hero and heroine from meeting, acquaintance, falling in love, marriage, divorce, and reconciliation. The Syrian-style combing points out the key to the gradual escalation of the conflict between the couple: Indian women have difficulty in going to the toilet    
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