Tokyo Sonata positive review

2022-04-11 08:01
From the experience and relationship of a family of four, Kurosawa saw the restlessness of the entire Japan in the economic, social and political environment of the new century. The U.S. entry into the military and the analysis of China's energy resources by commentators in the news are all Japanese reactions to the impact of strong external forces. Kiyoshi Kurosawa has accurately hidden these causal fragments in the plot of the film; He also radiated reflections in multiple directions: the conflict between old and new values ​​under international standards, the disregard for life under the mentality of profit-seeking, the sense of loss of the entire nation, and the fragility of ethics and morality. Intertwined, Kurosawa clearly sees these problems, and hopes that the audience can see these problems.
Whether it's a script, directing, acting, art or music, it's all worth pondering. The smooth, humorous, and thoughtful story of the film makes it clear that Kiyoshi Kurosawa is not only a thriller player, but from the extreme personalization to the humor and calmness of "Tokyo sonata", the narrative ability and self-discipline ability, all jump out of the genre film director 's rut. (   )
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Extended Reading
  • Vivien 2022-04-20 09:02:57

    Kiyoshi Kurosawa knew all about the body and light, so elegant, so terrifying. A little self-disturbance is also the meaning of the sonata in the title.

  • Rosella 2022-04-20 09:02:57

    The bitter lament of an unemployed middle-aged man. 1. Kurosawa Kiyoshi's family films are still full of the author's imprint, just like the blown newspaper on the opening floor & the fluttering white gauze curtain (reappearing in the 2/3 of the film's turning point), dim indoor light, wife A close-up shot of wandering around while tidying up the eldest son’s room (with the ghostly piano music of unknown origin, between inside and outside of the painting), and the climax of the apocalypse. 2. Several indoor long-shot scenes are well planned, such as the scenes where the father quarrels with the eldest son and the younger son respectively (the wife has a defocused or clear face in the background). 3. The second half is very New Wave: three scenes (seemingly parallel through editing) running and fleeing, a thief with joy and self-examination, a parody of male and female thieves, and the seaside and wooden house at the end of the world. 4. In the traverse and long mirror, my father keeps tripping over the garbage on the overpass at night, like a microcosm of a hopeless life with repeated battles and defeats. 5. The eldest son's dream of returning from a killing in the Middle East battlefield, waking up from the dream and calling again from the beginning are just like a variation of [11]. 6. A redemptive interloper who can't save himself. 7. [Moonlight] Leopard tail. (9.0/10)

Tokyo Sonata quotes

  • Megumi Sasaki: Screw your authority.

  • Megumi Sasaki: How wonderful it would be if my whole life so far turns out to have been a dream, and suddenly I wake up and I'm someone else entirely.

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