Tomorrow, When the War Began entertainment films for young people

2022-02-07 14:58
In the current Commonwealth of Australia, young people are less and less fond of reading, and they would rather choose to surf the Internet, go to the gym or go to the movies, rather than spend a certain amount of time every day reading. In this way, film audiences are divided into groups: one is the generation who grew up reading novels, and the other is young people who have heard of novels but have not read the originals. How can we balance and reconcile the tastes of these two different audiences?
Faced with this problem, Stuart Beatty said: "I think, first of all, a movie should be good-looking and fun. Especially such a commercial movie, it should have sufficient entertainment. If such a movie is boring and boring, then , then it is not necessary to shoot. So my first thought when shooting the film was to make this film with adventure elements exciting and tense. In fact, many people told me that they had not seen it. The novel, but I like the movie very much. The movie is a very clear thing: death, bombing, guns, cannons, you can see it at a glance. So those who have read the novel can recall the details of the novel in the film, but have not read the novel. You can also find fun from the movie. Don’t worry that you won’t understand the movie if you haven’t read the novel, it’s just an entertainment movie, as long as the audience can get entertainment while watching the movie, then the purpose of the movie will be achieved.”
In fact, in Stuart Beatty's heart, the main audience of this movie is still young people who are less than 20 years old now, because this is a movie made for young people. Those readers who grew up reading novels are now in their early 30s, and they watch movies purely for nostalgic purposes. Therefore, in the film Stuart Beatty has added a lot of popular elements: such as today's popular music, games, and some star topics and so on. And when writing the script, Stuart Beatty also communicated with many young people. He tried his best to capture the characteristics of young people's speech and write dialogues with the characteristics of the times. Beatty said: "For me, there is nothing more important than capturing the sense of the times in the film. The novel is written about a virtual war , and I don't have to shoot this war by the standards of 20 years ago. Moreover, the audience of the film is young people, so there is nothing wrong with making the film more contemporary, more real, and closer to their lives. I hope that the final effect of the film is as if the story happened in today's Same with Commonwealth of Australia. I don't need my film to have that heavy 'Hollywood' feel, and it doesn't need to be too old and traditional. What the Commonwealth of Australia looks like today is what the film has to show. "
To put it another way, in order to grab the appetite of young people, there are a lot of violent and action scenes in this movie. The existence of these scenes makes the film good-looking, but it lacks some of the horror temperament in the original novel. Beatty said: "After all, there is still a difference between the film and the novel, and I have retained the temperament of the original to the greatest extent possible. However, this is just an entertainment movie, as long as it can provide entertainment to people is enough."
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  • Rebeca 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    A movie version of the game still looks like a movie of the game? ? so stupid

  • Giuseppe 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    It's not worth half a star at all, let alone other things, these lousy actors are so fake, that such junk is even introduced in "Watching Movies"? !

Tomorrow, When the War Began quotes

  • Ellie Linton: She wasn't much older than I was, and she looked just as scared, I'll never forget her.

  • Homer Yannos: We have to start acting like soldiers, one mistake and it's all over.

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