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2022-03-23 08:01
In the 1990s, in order to reduce the harm of automobile exhaust to the environment and public health, California passed the "Zero Emissions Mandate", which stipulated that among the new cars sold in California in 1998, zero-emission vehicles must reach 2. %, and reached 10% in 2003, which is the most thorough anti-smoke bill since the catalytic converter was put into use. It was in this context that in 1996 GM introduced the revolutionary EV1 electric vehicle. At the heart of this car is the battery, which requires no petrol and oil changes, no muffler, and little brake maintenance, with typical scheduled maintenance overhauls consisting only of replenishing windshield wiper fluid and tire rotation. In today's society where energy is increasingly tense, it has incomparable advantages such as low cost of environmental protection and energy saving compared with fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. But the response to the car's launch was disappointing. Six years later, the fleet of electric vehicles has sunk, and EV charging stations in California are covered in dust and cobwebs like tombstones. With regard to the loss of electric vehicles, automakers have concluded that such vehicles do not meet the needs of consumers   .
EV1 is the fastest and most efficient electric car since the advent of the car. It is powered by electricity and has no emissions. The few people who are lucky enough to drive an electric car like Chris fell in love with it at first sight and did not want to think about it again. As to why General Motors self-destructed a large inventory of EV1 electric vehicles in the Arizona desert, it begs the question of Chris Payne. Hence the birth of this documentary   .
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  • Summer 2022-03-23 08:01:04

    Without a complete interest chain and its core is in the hands of the government or a government-controlled enterprise, electric vehicles will definitely not develop, and the same is true of any core industry, so electric vehicles cannot develop in the United States. It is the same in other places. This also explains why the domestic new energy vehicles have a lot of wind and rain, and if you look at a behemoth like Sinopec and PetroChina, everyone should be clear in their hearts.

  • Else 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    The story of the life and death of EV1 electric vehicles, it turns out that electric vehicles have already existed, but they just touched the cake of oil tycoons, so they must be "eliminated", which is a pity!

Who Killed the Electric Car? quotes

  • Ed Begley Jr.: The electric vehicle is not for everybody. It can only meet the needs of 90 percent of the population.

  • Eric Garcetti: I was an EV1 driver, still am, from 1998 until December of this year when GM will have to pry it out of my charger's dead cold hands.

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