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2022-07-11 21:23
This film is a combination of Chinese and Western dramas, namely " Thunderstorm " by Tim Jia and " The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark " by William Shakespeare , which is about the prince's revenge and incestuous love. In terms of type, this is afilm, not a martial arts film, the action is in this
Pieces only take up a small part. In this regard, the film can score more than 90 points. From the sets, costumes, props to the overall visual effects, this film surpasses the previous costume films "Heroes", " House of Flying Daggers " and "Promise", and the production is very good.
The shooting of "The Banquet" attempts to reproduce the elegance of ancient China and regain the long-lost simplicity. Narrative has always been director Xiaogang Feng's forte, and "The Banquet" should not be as disappointing as "Wuji" in terms of storytelling. But something unexpected happened at this point.
The biggest failure of "The Banquet" is the procrastination of the narrative and the inconsistency of the dialogue. The so-called "darkness" and "gloomy" in the form are removed. The overlapping of this single similar element makes the audience feel tired, so it is difficult to bring individual emotions into the mood of the film.  
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