Alex Raul Barrios

Alex Raul Barrios

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    • Mona 2022-09-26 23:32:45

      Bubbles are heavier than weapons: The Dark Humor and Existential Philosophy of Life in the Bubbles

      I have been suffering from the lack of subtitles. I just watched this French fantasy love film "Life in a Bubble" yesterday. After watching it, I wanted to use this film as an opportunity to write about the romantic art and ideology of French films.
      The film is directed by Michelle Gondry ("The...

    • Raymundo 2022-06-26 14:31:30

      Cold cruelty in dreams

      I am a person who does not have a night of sleepless sleep 365 days a year. When I was a child, I had many nightmares. I often escaped in my dreams, but I never managed to escape successfully. Now that I think about it, that may be a reflection of reality.

      The beginning of the story was so...

    Mood Indigo quotes

    • Colin: Introduce me to her!

      Isis: Yes, great! Chloé? This is Colin. Colin, Chloé.

      Chloé: Hello.

      Colin: Hello.

      Colin: Chloe... Ever been played by Duke Ellington?

    • Colin: I said that because "Chloé" is also a piece of Duke Ellington.

      Chloé: Duke Ellington, the famous racing driver!

      Colin: Of course. I feel very stupid. Can I please leave?

      Chloé: Can you please stay?