Bahman Ghobadi

Bahman Ghobadi

  • Born: 1969-2-1
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    • Casey 2022-07-10 15:47:28

      Drunk Horse Moment - A Fire in the Snow

         After crying, his eyes were very firm, only for the purpose that seemed out of reach, he crossed the barbed wire fence of the border, his drunk mule also limped across the border of life and death. Waiting in front of them was snow covered with mines.... 

    • Howell 2022-07-10 14:23:02

      Adult's burden on children

      I guess it may be related to the life experience of the director Bachmann. The children in his films always start to carry the burden of life too early, and there is almost no carefree childhood.

      Drunk horse, in fact, is not a horse at all, but a mule that my sister Lu Zhen married to her...