Barbara Adair

Barbara Adair

  • Born: 1930-0-0
  • Height:
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    • Corrine 2022-07-11 14:53:25

      How deep is the love?

      After watching this film, I thought it was a little ridiculous, so I came up to find a few film reviews to see, but after watching it, I still thought it was a little ridiculous. A friend who wrote a film review seemed to have no understanding of why the woman was tortured, and said why she didn't...

    • Zion 2022-07-11 20:45:01

      Can it be a little more messy?

      The male protagonist is the actor who played "The Exorcist Prequel". He only knows how to smoke and looks at him like a GAY

      policewoman. His mouth seems to be wrong. He can't close it all the time. I hate such a woman

      . They all hang up without explaining how they did evil.

      Some police officers are...

    The Killing Gene quotes

    • Elly Carpenter: You wanna blowjob? Suck dick good for ten bucks.

    • [last lines]

      Eddie Argo: Ah shit... I'm fucking scared