Claudia Geisler-Bading

Claudia Geisler-Bading

  • Born: 1965-11-30
  • Height: 5' 7¾" (1.72 m)
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    • Ebba 2022-01-22 08:03:40

      Towards "wisdom"

      As a girl watching this movie, there will be a different kind of heartache. Recommended to see, it is a different kind of life.
      "Wisdom comes from pain." Is that true?

      Such a pious but tyrannical and contemptuous father, although thanking him for the life and wisdom he bestowed. He beat the mother...

    • Shaina 2022-01-22 08:03:40

      2012-08-22 12:10 A sad and uplifting song of life

      One thousand and one hundred years ago, Europe was the darkest time, and the light of God shrouded a chaos of ignorance. People are poor and suffering in the name of God, men are rude, and women are submissive. The two sexes seem to be two classes, separated by a huge gap. The peculiar views seem...

    • Elenora 2022-04-22 07:01:49

      The ending is a bit vain, the process is very moving

    • Gladys 2022-04-21 09:03:20

      After watching it, I can't stop feeling that I am lucky to be born as a girl now~ You can learn all the knowledge you want to learn if you want.

    Pope Joan quotes

    • House Steward: Pardon me, Eminence. The girl has arrived. You had her fetched from Ingelheim.

      Fulgentius: Oh yes, now I remember. That Greek scholar's idea. But am I seeing double?

      House Steward: The boy is her brother. Their father, a Priest, insists that he too be allowed to attend the Scola.

      Fulgentius: What do you know? I send for one and get two! If only the Emperor were as generous as these holy men from the countryside!

    • Johanna von Ingelheim: As for strength of will, women can be viewed as superior to man. Eve ate from the apple out of love of knowledge and learning. Adam ate it only because Eve asked him to.