Gunnar Jónsson

Gunnar Jónsson

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    • Ambrose 2022-10-01 17:31:05


      These withdrawn people are like a strange house on the side of the road, conspicuous but unsightly, becoming a slot for passersby to vent their emotions. Occasionally drunk people and homeless people pass by, leaving some new scars around him. Until one day, a desperate person knocked on the door...

    • Genoveva 2022-10-02 04:55:27

      Loneliness is the norm

      Life is definitely not fair to Fox, who is fat, bald and poor in appearance, living with his mother in his 40s, and living in a monotonous, boring life whose only hobbies are playing WWII models and sitting alone in the car listening to heavy metal. Carrying luggage at the airport, being...