Jae-hong Ahn

Jae-hong Ahn

  • Born: 1986-3-31
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    • Gudrun 2022-09-04 17:04:41

      2020 First Quarter Korean Movies Worth Trying

      Backgrounds, costumes, props, low cost but good taste, dark but not dark images, I don't know if it's an equipment problem or a human problem,

      The plot structure is simple and clear, without much interspersed

    • Laverne 2022-09-07 14:23:32

      Why is the shootout so important? It's obviously a miserable world in Korea

      When the economy is depressed and hard work fails to bring about a prosperous life, it is time for collapse. The elderly are pinning their hopes on ZF, thinking ZF is the savior of the world.

      Young people are on their own. A large amount of money printing has led to the continuous devaluation of the...