James Cameron

James Cameron

  • Born: 1954-8-16
  • Birthplace: Ontario, Canada
  • Height: 6' 1½" (1.87 m)
  • Profession: Director, screenwriter
  • Nationality: Canada
  • Graduate School: California State University
  • Representative Works: Titanic, The Terminator, AlienII, Avatar
  • James Cameron (James Cameron), born in Canada Ontario on August 16, 1954 , is a Hollywood film director and screenwriter.
    In 1981, directed the first film "Piranha 2: Reproduction". In 1984, he became famous because of the self-directed science fiction film " The Terminator ". In 1986, he wrote and directed the movie " Aliens ". In 1991, with the film " Terminator 2: Judgment Day " won the 18th The Saturn Award for Best Director and Best Screenplay. In 1994, directed the movie " True Lies ". In 1997, his film " Titanic " earned a box office of 1.84 billion U.S. dollars, breaking the global film history box office record [1]  ; the film won 11 awards including best picture at the 70th Academy Awards , James Cameron won the Oscar for Best Director for the film [2]  .
    In 2005, he was named "one of the 20 greatest directors in the world " by the British magazine Empire . [3]  In December 2009, his sci-fi movie " Avatar " was released. The global box office of the film exceeded US$2.7 billion, breaking the global box office record held by himself [4-5]  . In 2010, he was selected as the "World's Most Influential Person" by " Time "; [6]  In the same year, he wonLifetime Achievement Award. [7]  In 2011, he won the Producers Guild of America Milestone Award.

    Early Experience

    On August 16, 1954, James Cameron was born in a middle-class family in CanadaOntario. His father was an electronic engineer and his mother was an artist. A science fiction novel he wrote when he was 12 was the prototype of his science fiction film " The Abyss ". When he was 14 years old, he saw the film " 2001: A Space Odyssey " directed by Stanley Kubrick . From then on, he had a desire to make a movie. He began to shoot some crude films with his father's 8mm camera.   .
    In 1971, he moved to the United States and majored in physics at California State University. After dropping out of college, he did a variety of jobs, including driving trucks for others. In 1977, Cameron saw George Lucas' sci-fi film " Star Wars ". He began to realize that he wanted to be a film director, so he quit his job as a truck driver. In 1980, he got his first official job in the film industry. He served as the artistic director of the film "Challenge of the Century" directed by Roger Kao, producing special effects models   .

    Performing Experience

    In 1981, James Cameron directed his first work "Piranha 2". The film was filmed entirely in Italy. Cameron didn’t get along well with his Italian-speaking staff. After the filming was completed, the filming party was out of favor with him. Contempt, not let him participate in the final editing of the film. Cameron was annoyed and learned how to use the Italian editing machine according to his own ideas. It took him several weeks to edit the entire film   .
    In 1984, Cameron released his first self-written and directed film " The Terminator ". The filming cost only 6.5 million U.S. dollars, but it achieved a box office of 36 million U.S. dollars in the United States, and the global box office reached 78 million U.S. dollars. The box office performance of "The Terminator" has made Cameron a lot of attention in the film industry. In 1985, Cameron and Sylvester Stallone wrote the script of " Rambo: First Blood Part II " together   .
    In 1986, James Cameron's second work " Aliens ", written and directed by James Cameron, came out. This film is the sequel to the science fiction film " Alien " by director Ridley Scott . The film directed by James Cameron avoids repeating the style of the original film. Instead, it moves the battlefield of man and Alien from a single spaceship to a space base, reinterpreting the horror story that happened in space in the style of an action movie. . In 1987, " Aliens " was nominated for seven Oscars, and finally won two awards for best sound editing and best visual effects   . James Cameron won the 14th The Saturn Award for Best Director for this film   .
    In 1989, Cameron wrote and directed his third movie " The Abyss ". This sci-fi film is somewhat different from other similar works of James Cameron. Although it contains a lot of fighting and descriptions of mysterious creatures under the sea, it still focuses on a slower rhythm, telling a story in a sci-fi background. The story of the relationship between husband and wife. Some viewers thought the tempo of this film was too slow, and this film also failed at the box office   .
    In 1991, his film " Terminator 2: Judgment Day " was released in the United States and earned 200 million U.S. dollars in box office   . In 1992, the film won four awards for best visual effects, best sound, best makeup, and best sound editing at the 64th Academy Awards   . James Cameron won the 18th The Saturn Award for Best Director and Best Screenplay for this film   .
    In 1993, James Cameron established his own special effects production company "Digital Field". In 1994, the first film " True Lies " with special effects produced by the "Digital Realm" was released. The film was directed by James Cameron and starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger and others. "True Lies" embodies Cameron's chauvinistic ideas, in which he portrays Aryans as heroes and non-Aryans as terrorists. The film has a box office of 146 million U.S. dollars in the United States, and a box office of 280 million U.S. dollars in the international market   .
    In 1997, James Cameron directed the movie " Titanic ". The production cost of the film reached US$200 million, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet   . During the filming process, James Cameron was very strict with the actors and staff, the cold words of the investors, the complaints and confrontations of the actors and subordinates against him for his weird temper, and the difficulties encountered during the filming process, all of which made Cameron almost there. On the verge of collapse, but he still persisted   . After "Titanic" was released, the box office in the United States reached 470 million U.S. dollars; the global box office exceeded 1.8 billion U.S. dollars, breaking the box office record of movie history and becoming the highest-grossing movie from 1997 to 2010   . In 1998, at the 70th Academy Awards, the film was nominated for 14 Oscars and won 11 of them, averaging the number of awards for "Ben Xu"   .
    In 2000, he directed and supervised the TV series " Dark.Angel " on the subject of gene therapy   . In 2002, he launched the documentary " Bismarck " in cooperation with the Discovery Channel . In 2005, he announced the start of filming the movie " Avatar ", a science fiction film with live action combined with computer CG animation   . The cost of the film reached 300 million US dollars, breaking the record of film production costs   .
    In August 2009, during the production of the 3D film " Avatar ", James Cameron was inspired and decided to use this technology to reproduce the film "Titanic" released in 1997   . On December 18, 2009, the film " Avatar " directed by James Cameron was officially released. The film was released in North America for 47 days, with a total box office of $601.1 million, breaking the previous box office record of "Titanic" of 60.1 million. As of September 2010, the global box office of "Avatar" has exceeded 2.7 billion, breaking the global box office record in movie history   . In January 2010, James Cameron won the 67th Golden Globe Award for Best Director for his " Avatar "   .
    In 2012, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic shipwreck, the movie "Titanic" directed by James Cameron appeared on the big screen again in 3D   . In April 2014, James Cameron stated that the sequel series of " Avatar " " Avatar2 ", " Avatar3 " and " Avatar4 " have all entered the preparatory stage   .
    In 2019, James Cameron served as the producer and screenwriter of the movie " Alita: Battle Angel "   .

    Personal Life

    In 1978, James Cameron married Sharon Williams . In 1984, James Cameron divorced Sharon Williams   .
    In 1985, Jill Anne Hurd married James Cameron; in 1989, James Cameron and Jill Anne Hurd announced their divorce. 
    In 1989, James Cameron married female director Catherine Bigelow, but the relationship between the two was split during the collaborative film " Breaking Point " due to different opinions. In 1991, James Cameron divorced Catherine Bigelow   .
    In 1993, Linda Hamilton gave birth to daughter Josephine for James Cameron. In July 1997, Linda Hamilton married James Cameron. The two divorced in 1999   .
    In 2000, James Cameron married actor Suzy Amis . Suzy Amis retired from the film world after marriage and gave birth to Claire, Quinn and Elizabeth for James Cameron   .

    Character Evaluation

    James Cameron is a genius, and he cannot be copied   . He is one of the notable directors in the 20th century. He has twice set the highest record of film investment, even the number of Oscars won by a film, and directed "Avatar" to break the global box office record. When talking about James Cameron, people usually compare it with another director, Steven Allan Spielberg , which also shows Cameron's status in people's minds   .
    James Cameron's works are imaginative. Not only does he stand firm in the movie circle, he is unique, but his movies are also loved by many fans. He has the courage to move forward. He never caters to the box office music, but desperately wants to make the ideal movie in his mind )   . He was willing to burn money when shooting movies, and pursued gorgeous visual effects at any cost. It's not that Cameron can't make great films at a relatively low cost. On the contrary, he is good at adapting to local conditions and adopting some simple methods to achieve good results. Cameron’s masterpieces "The Terminator" and "Aliens" are not big investments )   .
    James Cameron is one of the rare special effects design directors. In his works, special effects production is extremely important and revolutionary )   . In " The Abyss ", James Cameron set a milestone for the development of movie special effects. Cameron creatively used various methods to express underwater wonders in the film. His underwater special effects inspired a group of filmmakers. In " Titanic ", Cameron created an art created by the joint efforts of high capital and high technology )   . In " Terminator 2: Judgment Day ", the story of multi-line advancement was told methodically by him. In a single scene, Cameron also exerted his excellent director and editing talents The movie "Avatar" directed by him is 3D. Technology has brought a historic breakthrough. The technology he used to watch 3D shooting effects in real time is unprecedented. At the same time, Cameron is still shooting in real scenes, making it difficult for the audience to distinguish between true and false ) . Cameron is not only an excellent stunt engineer, but also has the imagination that ordinary engineers do not have. In " True Lies ", he reflects his talent for combining action films and comedy films .     
    James Cameron's film embodies adult fantasy, but his personality is very childish. This kind of "childishness" is more embodied in the pursuit of the perfect goal in your mind regardless of any secular restrictions. This kind of paranoid character makes James Cameron a stranger in the eyes of outsiders )   . Due to too many demanding requirements for movies, he always wants to perfect his film performance, which makes him obtain a demanding and bossy evaluation on the set. In the family, James Cameron is an inconsiderate and unsuccessful husband who has experienced many unsuccessful marriages )   .
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