John Turturro

John Turturro

  • Born: 1957-2-28
  • Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
  • Height: 6' 0½" (1.84 m)
  • Profession: Actor, director, screenwriter, producer
  • Nationality: United States, Italy
  • Graduate School: Yale University, New Paltz, State University of New York
  • Representative Works: Do the Right Thing, Barton Funk, Jungle Fever, Three Kings, Behind the Scenes, Transformers, The Night Of, The Color of Money
  • John Turturro (John Turturro) , born on February 28, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York, USA, is an American actor and director.
    He can be seen in many thoughtful films of the famous Hollywood director Spike Lee (Spike Lee). The main movie characters he has portrayed are: Pino in " Do the Right Thing " (1989), a smart playwright in " Barton Fink ", and a pedophile in " The Big Lebowski " (1998) An obsessive bowler, a troubled young man in " Jungle Fever " (1991).

    Early Experience

    John Turturro was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 28, 1957. He was obsessed with movies since he was a child. After graduating from State University of New York , he received a scholarship to enter Yale University to study drama.

    Performing Experience

    After that, he began to perform on off-Broadway. In 1984, he won an Obi Award for the stage play "Danny and the Deep Blue Ocean". In 1980, he entered the film industry with Martin Sikoses' " Raging Bull ". Since then, he has cooperated with many famous directors in "Hannah Sisters", " The Color of Money ", "Miller's Rebellion", and "Jungle Fever" , Mostly played in melancholic and weird roles, best at the interpretation of inner drama. In 1991, the satirical drama "Barton Funk", which he collaborated with the Coen brothers again in 1991, earned him the title of Cannes actor, and has since become unique in the international film scene with his alternative performances. 
    In 1992, Tetoro began to try his own creation. He wrote and directed a "Mike" based on the story of his father who was doing construction work, and won the Cannes Film Festival directorial debut award in one fell swoop ; in September 1998, he participated in the film " "The King of Gamblers" was released as Knish; in the same year, "Illuminata" was released, which was nominated for the award again. As a beloved and respected actor in the history of American modern cinema, Tetoro still maintains a strong acting ability.
    In 2007, John Turturro played the role of Agent Simmons in " Transformers "   .
    In 2009, John Turturro played the role of Agent Simmons in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen  .
    In 2011, John Turturro in the animated film " Cars 2 is a F1 car Francesco Bernoulli dubbing"   . In the same year , he played the role of Agent Simmons in " Transformers3 "   .
    In 2013, John Turturro directed and acted in the movie " Fading Gigolo ", and played a pair of good friends who lacked money with Woody Allen   .
    In 2016, John Turturro starred in the HBO miniseries " The Night Of " and played the role of lawyer John Stone   . With this role, he was nominated for the 74th Golden Globe Awards, the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards and the 69th Emmy Awards for Best Actor in a Miniseries/TV Movie   .
    In 2017, John Turturro returned to " Transformers: The Last Knight " as Agent Simmons   . In November, John Turturro joined the English version of "Gloria" to play against Julianne Moore   .
    In 2019, confirmed to join DC " The Batman "   .
    On March 4, 2022, the starring movie " The Batman " was released, playing the role of "Criminal Chief" Carmine Falcone  .

    Personal Life

    In 1985, John Turturro married actress Katherine Borowitz. Their eldest son Amedeo was born in 1990 and their younger son Diego was born in 2000. 

    Character Evaluation

    Talented but thin, Italian-American, always seeming hesitant, even a little nervous, has now become a well-known weird movie actor loved by audiences.
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