Johnny Downs

Johnny Downs

  • Born: 1913-10-10
  • Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
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    • Jerel 2022-07-10 18:03:30

      Lessons learned from the crowd in this film

      The two most important points are:

    • Jaunita 2022-10-07 19:48:16

      those sad young people

      At the beginning of "Those Sad Young People", Fitzgerald wrote: "Start with a person, and you will find, before you know it, that you have made a model; start with a model, and you will Found out that you're making--none of the characters. That's because we're all eccentric people, behind our...

    The Crowd quotes

    • Train Porter: Did I hear you-all speakin' 'bout havin' yo' bed made up?

    • Mary: Will you put the folding bed in its garage?