Karen Shallo

Karen Shallo

  • Born: 1946-9-28
  • Height:
  • Profession: actor
  • Representative Works: Human and Dog Love, "Gold Producer", etc.
  • Karen Shallo, actor, major works include "Human Dog Love", "Gold Medal Producer" and so on.
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    • Rylan 2022-01-26 08:46:04

      law and order

      This semester to two middle school substitutes, in addition to preparing lessons and tame a group of little devils, they also have to deal with some rigid tasks, such as grading homework and so on. Ordinary life always needs a little adjustment, so I found the classic American criminal drama "Law &...

    • Maiya 2022-01-26 08:46:04




    • Lori 2022-03-15 09:01:10

      It turned out that I watched this one, Max, Mike, Stone, I liked them all. I don't know why it's only a season and a half, and I haven't watched the second season, all I know is that Max was killed. I'm so sad about this drama being cut off~ Incomparable Prosecutor Stone~%>_<%~~

    • Ophelia 2022-03-20 09:02:55

      Rigorous and true without spit, the textbook of the U.S. Constitution.

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