Kôji Mitsui

Kôji Mitsui

  • Born: 1910-3-6
  • Height:
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    • Fay 2022-02-07 14:46:18

      already a very low class.

      The time background of this film is relatively vague. Anyway, it is a period drama, or it can be used in any era of modern Japanese history spanning hundreds of years. It can be seen that oppression and exploitation are common. The director reflected in the opening subtitles that it was a tribute...

    • Shanie 2022-02-07 14:46:18

      "Lower Level": Disqualification in the Human World under the Lens of Akira Kurosawa

      "Everyone has dignity, and no one wants mercy. People should not just feed their stomachs when they live!" - Soviet drama "In the Bottom Line"

      In 1957, Akira Kurosawa's "Lower", based on the screenplay of the same name by the Soviet writer Maxim Gorky, was not well received. Unlike Akira Kurosawa's...

    The Lower Depths quotes

    • Kahei the Pilgrim: [to Tonosama] I've seen two or three lords in my time. But it seems to me, for a lord, your fall from grace landed you flat on your ass.

      [Sutekichi roars with laughter]

    • Tsugaru: Hey, card up the sleeve! I saw!

      Tonosama - the former Samurai: What the...?

      The Actor: Bad move, rich man.

      Tsugaru: I saw it! You cheated! I quit!

      Tonosama - the former Samurai: Lose barely 100 pennies and you shriek like you've lost a fortune.

      [He scoffs]

      Tonosama - the former Samurai: You're one hell of a rich man!

      Tsugaru: You've got to gamble honestly!