Luc Dardenne

Luc Dardenne

  • Born: 1954-3-10
  • Height:
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    • Weston 2022-07-10 18:22:05

      A troubled conscience

      At this time, the Darney brothers did not have the extreme style and emotional rendering power they later did, and they did not frantically put the camera on the actor's face, so that the audience and the characters were anxious, breathing together, suffering together, and despairing together. In...

    • Lizzie 2022-10-06 11:10:09

      film precision

      The last time I watched "The Bicycle Boy", the same 90 minutes, I can't find a second director to be as precise as Brother Dane, every frame of the picture is in the narrative content, and it will not make you feel tired. On the one hand, you will feel whether all your imagination is imprisoned by...

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