Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport

  • Born: 1970-3-20
  • Birthplace: New York, USA
  • Height: 6' 2½" (1.89 m)
  • Profession: Screenwriter, director, actor
  • Nationality: America
  • Representative Works: "Friends" "The War At Home" "My Name Is Earl" "Prison Break"
  • Michael Rapaport (Michael Rapaport), born on March 20, 1970 in New York, United States, Michael, screenwriter , Director , and actor. He has been the leading actor in more than 20 films, and he is also a יְהוּדִים‎, Jews, Yhudim . [1]  Participated in the movie " Sully " in 2016 .

    Performing Experience

    He has appeared in many well-known domestic TV series. He first played the boyfriend of the heroine Phoebe in " Friends Friends", and later appeared in the comedy in the sitcom " The War At Home The War at Home" Dad. After the show was hacked, Michael Rapaport has been a guest starred in the NBC sitcom " My Name Is Earl My Name is Earl" as a prisoner in a prison, which is also a very funny role. " My Name Is Earl " was also produced by 20th Century Fox , which is one of the reasons why Michael Rapaport starred in "Prison Break".
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      Unlike other family comedies, and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND or GROWING PAIN, THE WAR AT HOME takes an alternative and non-mainstream route. Many topics, such as TEENAGE SEX, HOMOSEXUAL,...

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      Alternative Parents

      Most of the sitcom parents I have watched are very loving and hard-working, but this one is different, they often want to strike.

      The same is true, if the restaurant food is not good, you can return it, but if you have children, you cannot return it. Can you say: "Waiter, my daughter is too hot and...

    The War at Home quotes

    • Dave: [sees Hillary looking at his Penthouse magazine] What the hell are you doing? That's a men's magazine for men. Oh, God, don't tell me you're going Rosie O'Donnell on me.

      Hillary: Relax, I'm just looking at the boobs.

      Dave: Not making me feel better.

    • Dave: Look, I think we might need to take him to a professional.

      Vicky: What? I thought you didn't believe in therapy.

      Dave: What therapy? I meant a hooker.