Paola Borboni

Paola Borboni

  • Born: 1900-1-1
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    • Johnathan 2022-04-21 09:01:45

      Existing is beautiful

      This is Hepburn's birthday this year.
      Dedicated to one of my favorite Hepburn shows - Roman Holiday.


      She spoke beautifully

      She walked beautifully

      She dressed beautifully


      Her polish seems to be born with her, she is already a legend.


      It takes a special...

    • Heloise 2022-04-19 09:01:42

      Revisiting "Roman Holiday" on the eve of the trip to Rome

      On the eve of our trip to Rome, I deliberately revisited "Roman Holiday".
      Not much to say, a movie from more than half a century ago, with a simple plot and a lively rhythm, still looks so comfortable today, but it doesn't feel like a cliché at all.
      This is first of all thanks to Audrey Hepburn's...

    • Uriel 2022-04-24 07:01:05

      Audrey Hepburn only looked cute on the first night, and she followed the series at Breakfast at Tiffany's. I think any normal man who picks up a beautiful girl who is leaning on him in the middle of the night on the street should consciously fall on her, so this whole film is not in line with human consciousness.

    • Rosella 2021-11-13 08:01:23

      When Hepburn appeared on the stage, I was really amazed. He was tall, with exquisite features, excellent temperament, and unsurpassed beauty. The whole film was also very well shot. It is worthy of being a classic. I like it very much.

    Roman Holiday quotes

    • Joe Bradley: You should always wear my clothes.

      Princess Ann: It seems I do.

    • [On whether to do an exploitation article about Princess Ann]

      Irving Radovich: She's fair game, Joe. It's always open season on princesses.