Roger Brenner

Roger Brenner

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    • Foggy Nelson: I would say it's good to see you, but under the circumstances-...

      Sgt. Brett Mahoney: Would you please step aside, sir?

      Foggy Nelson: We got a couple of questions, Brett.

      Sgt. Brett Mahoney: If you're here to chase ambulances, you might notice: there are none.

      Matt Murdock: Any leads on what happened?

      Sgt. Brett Mahoney: Oh, you wanna know what went down? Read about it in the papers like everybody else.

      Foggy Nelson: We're not everybody else, my man.

      Sgt. Brett Mahoney: Did you just say "my man"?

    • Sgt. Brett Mahoney: There's a total clampdown on any of this getting out to the press. I'd like to keep it that way.

      Matt Murdock: Brett you can trust us.

      Foggy Nelson: We're lawyers.

      [Mahoney scoffs]