Roger Yuan

Roger Yuan

  • Born: 1961-1-25
  • Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
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    • Jolie 2022-02-07 14:52:18

      The finale of Tsui Hark's martial arts Wong Fei-hung series

      Although many people don't rate the sixth Lion of the Western Regions highly, and even complain that it's nondescript, I think it's pretty good-looking. Even if the director was replaced by Sammo Hung, it still maintained the consistency of Tsui Hark's martial arts version of Huang Feihong....


    • Ken 2022-02-07 14:52:18

      In fact, the Western Lions have many bright spots

      I saw too many reviews and downvoted this, I couldn't help but write something to help it rehabilitate.

      Let me talk about the ranking of the Huang Feihong series in my personal mind: the
      first three films directed by Tsui Hark>The Lion in the Western Regions>Iron Chicken Fighting Centipede>Zhao...

    • Cristina 2022-03-18 09:01:09

      two halves. Huang Feihong changed hands to Yongsheng. Thirteenth Aunt was reduced to a jar of vinegar, and the Indian brothers disappeared behind. The play is much worse than "Who Am I", which is also a master of amnesia kung fu. Tsui Hark's three films put individual heroes on the ground of history, and saving the country is a personal choice driven by the trend. Wang Jing's iron rooster scoffed at Western slogans. This film has no intention of these things, it is purely a show of magical skills, and Fanyi is ignorant of Eastern magic skills. Master Huang is gambling. People say that you are our hope. You are the same. Do we still have fantasies? Instead, he pointed out a little bit of the popular habit of recommending idols to "like" and honorable. The camera shakes and the editing is too meticulous. Watching Xiong Xinxin fight against Jet Li is heartwarming, with a good start and good response. Repairing the movie does not wipe off the scratches of Weiya, who was wearing a gang.

    • Elmo 2022-04-19 09:02:57

      This film is the last of the Huang Feihong series, and it is also the last time that Jet Li starred in Huang Feihong again after "The Lion King". The film was directed by Sammo Hung, and Tsui Hark was replaced as the executive producer. The plot concept was suspected of imitating Jackie Chan's "Who Am I". The film deliberately used many foreign actors to star in the film. Among the Chinese, Wu Yaohan and veteran director Long Gangzhan played the role. More, the duel between Chinese kung fu and western gunmen has a lot of brains, but it lacks detailed description. As a whole, the series has always been lively and smooth, and Jet Li also maintained his beautiful fighting skills.