Serge Larivière

Serge Larivière

  • Born: 1957-12-12
  • Height:
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    • Bernita 2022-02-26 08:01:03

      What to do in the face of unemployment?

      The protagonist, Mr. Davier, is a middle-level member of a paper company. He has been unemployed for three years, and his wife is also unemployed. Two children, a house. Currently relying on his wife to support the family by doing odd jobs seven days a week.

      It is obvious that he is very...

    • Eduardo 2022-02-26 08:01:03

      A different France

      I don't want to talk about the storyline anymore, because it's not the strong point of this movie. What impressed me was that the film reflected a France that we, especially French art film audiences, were not familiar with.

      This country:

      also has its suburbia, or urban sprawl (Suburbia, or urban...

    • Cindy 2022-02-26 08:01:03

      The protagonist hid his old-fashioned pistol with super recoil in a plastic belt; when he came to the lake, he looked around and saw no one, so he quickly threw the stolen goods into the lake; unfortunately, there was a wooden raft on the lake. People happened to pass by and almost got on the raft! So both of them stared blankly at the bag sinking to the bottom of the lake! Haha this scene is very funny when I watch it

    • Karl 2022-02-26 08:01:03

      At the beginning, the killer recounted a tribute to Wilder's double compensation, and the protagonist resembled Jack Clement who had worked with the director. Dane produced the European version of the noir film. Several crime scenes used extremely skillful genre language to deal with the tension and reality. The street background added a lot of fake commercial advertisements, which directly pointed to the unemployment wave in the capitalist economy. The relatively nonchalant setting has transformed the fierce competition in the workplace into a murder game. A retrospective of French culture Gavras.

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