Stefano Dionisi

Stefano Dionisi

  • Born: 1966-10-1
  • Height: 6' 0½" (1.84 m)
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    • Dana 2022-07-09 14:08:34

      About Farinelli's homework

         When watching "Farinelli", I naturally think of "Farewell My Concubine". Farinelli and Cheng Dieyi, in the eyes of others, they are perfect in both art and appearance. But, in fact, it's the opposite. Farinelli's body and art are incomplete; Cheng Dieyi's life and mind are never complete. Their...

    • Leopoldo 2022-07-09 16:11:56

      high note of god's voice

      Farinelli is probably the movie I've watched the most. After my friend from the conservatory of music recommended it to me in the third year of high school and lent me the soundtrack, I have never stopped exploring and pursuing this character and this movie. I don't understand why castrat singers...

    Farinelli quotes

    • Carlo Broschi: I admire your nerve, madame, in daring to defy Handel.

      Countess Mauer: Women are very strong, signor Farinelli. Men's weaknesses make it necessary.

    • Carlo Broschi: [on Riccardo's opera "Orpheo"] You'll never finish it!