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    • Hilton 2022-01-26 08:46:04

      Great screenwriters make great dramas

      LAO like  
      to say that the reason is not what the role of the charm or the way investigators, really attracted me is the screenwriter behind the light comes out of the speculative
      feeling better first quarter of the first episode, second episode of the story made it to my attention began to LAO...

    • Donnell 2022-03-20 09:02:55

      Powerful legal drama

      Compared with "The Great War", "Law and Order" is more rigorous and serious, basically not interspersed with the life content of the protagonists, each episode is a case, but it will not make people feel monotonous at all, maybe because the cases are different. Unique, thought-provoking, and...

    • Kiley 2022-03-26 09:01:13

      A TV series like textbooks, if the White House can give us a taste of how the government, one of the three powers in the United States, works, then Law and Order will give us a taste of how the American justice works, despite legal affairs such as the true character of the lawyer and the Boston law. The drama has also achieved this, but it is not as pure as this one, excluding almost all descriptions of personal life, just justice. . .

    • Laverna 2022-03-26 09:01:13

      The court debate is the most exciting part. Stone's arrogant tone is so handsome, and the occasional humanistic concern is very touching.

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      Dorian 'Silky' Ford: Big surprise. Shut up, man!

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