Thomas Balmès

Thomas Balmès

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    • Elouise 2022-09-04 19:20:56

      Semiotic Analysis of "Baby"

      The French director Thomas Balmes spent two years going deep into Opwo in Namibia, Bayan Chandman in Mongolia, Tokyo in Japan and Los Angeles in the United States, recording Ponijao, Bayar, Mary respectively. The stages of life from birth to walking for Mari and Hattie. There is no narration in the...

    • Mercedes 2022-09-08 05:50:26

      child is green baby

      That little body lay in my arms, little hands grabbed my collar, blinked, and looked at me so quietly.
      Those clear eyes seemed to be asking me why my parents didn't want her and why I couldn't take her away.
      I closed my eyes and kissed her face, kissed her hand, I couldn't answer her.

      There are a...

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