Tülin Özen

Tülin Özen

  • Born: 1979-12-24
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    • Dasia 2022-09-21 01:44:53


         Such a sweet name, but there are too many things the film wants to express.
      A little boy who doesn't like to talk. He only talks to his father softly. He really wants to read aloud in front of his classmates. He gets a medal from the teacher that hangs on his chest. There are fewer and fewer...

    • Abdullah 2022-09-08 20:54:35

      real people

          After watching honey, milk, and eggs intermittently, I suddenly realized that it turned out to be a complete story, and the three movies combined the life of the protagonist Joseph. I watched the last egg first. No wonder it was like a fog in the clouds. There were very few plot lines and few...

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    • Yakup: Dreams are not told aloud.