• Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English, Mende, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Release date: December 25, 1997
  • Sound mix: DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Chuyến Tàu Nô Lệ
  • "Amistad" is a feature film directed by Steven Allan Spielberg and starring Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins . It was released in the United States on December 4, 1997.
    The film is based on real historical events and tells the criminal trial process of a black slave murdering a crew member and the dispute over the rights of black slaves hidden behind the case   . In 1998, Steven Allan Spielberg was nominated for Best Director in the 55th American Golden Globe Awards for the film   .


    • Release date December 25, 1997
    • Filming locations San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Production companies Dreamworks Pictures, Home Box Office (HBO), Amblin Entertainment

    Box office


    $36,000,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Arden 2022-03-25 09:01:10

      shining freedom

      Just finished watching. It's beautiful. The scene of these black people being abused on the boat is simply appalling. The history of slavery is really disturbing. Part of the responsibility for the development of society and the country is probably to eliminate such injustices. Still have to look forward, everything will get better and better. The movie is also full of superstars, many of them are familiar faces, Morgan Freeman, Anthony, Matthew McConaughey, and black protagonists, who have...

    • By Luciano 2022-03-25 09:01:10


      Or Hopkins. Still a true story.

      The title of the film is actually "Amistad," which is the name of a slave ship. We like to learn from Hong Kong and Taiwan these days, and we randomly put up a sensational and eye-catching name to increase the box office. In fact, we don't have any performances here.

      The story is about 1839. On the Spanish slave ship "Amistad", the slave leader Zink took the lead in the rebellion and controlled the whole ship by force. 53 Africans have been charged...

    • By Jess 2022-03-25 09:01:10

      The silence before the explosion?

      The most interesting thing about watching a Spielberg movie is seeing how he reveals his romantic feelings in the first few minutes. This movie is about the 80th minute, which is the latest in history, and from this point of view, the whole The movie is very unspielberg, you can't imagine he did "Jurassic Park 2" half a year ago and "Saving Private Ryan" half a year later. The biggest problem with the movie is that it is lengthy. Although the value of the play itself is good, the shooting...

    • By Reymundo 2022-03-23 09:02:14

      Examples of Theme Movies

      Introduced by Linda's "I also have a dream", I searched for this film. This case is too suitable for making a movie, and it must be an American themed film: natural human rights, freedom and equality, separation of powers, the concept of the rule of law, racial equality, and independence of state rights. Almost none of the core concepts of the United States (should be liberals) are complete There, there are even passages that teach outsiders to identify with American culture.
      You must know...

    • By Elza 2022-03-21 09:02:14

      Facebooking History

      The history of profiling for opposition's sake: I don't believe that a lawyer on the street beat a bunch of other idiots like an angel, saving a group of black Africans who were pure enough to chop melons and vegetables to destroy the notorious slave gang.
      Although Americans feel guilty about that piece of history, the power of the movie is not political correctness, the director is the athlete, not the referee. Can't be so one-sided and exaggerated.
      I think in the historical...

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    • By Aletha 2022-04-24 07:01:14

      Admirable audio-visual experience and a story full of humanitarian spirit, in "Broken Rage" adapted from real events, director Steven Spielberg gave the audience another moving discussion about the right of race to survive, from a certain In a way, it's like a slave version of Schindler's List. The strong cast and excellent performance, as well as the excellent grasp of the film's rhythm, are very...

    • By Ambrose 2022-04-24 07:01:14

      The so-called prelude to the American Revolutionary War, the slave riots on the Amsda, and the subsequent court rescue operations in the United States, represent a challenge to the southern serfdom by the American northern judicial community. After reading it, you will understand that American independence The war is not a civil war that broke out simply to save the black people, it is a war about human freedom and the redemption of human nature. Linda's "I have a dream too" has a very long...

    • By General 2022-04-24 07:01:14

      I was provoked, so I'm a little...

    • By Ellen 2022-04-24 07:01:14

      The rhythm of the film is still good, I am very satisfied with the viewing experience, especially the performance of Anthony Hopkins, everyone is always everyone, every film performance is so united, Mobike! Another sigh is, how can there be so many human beings in this world who consider themselves to be civilized, but they can righteously think that other people are slaves and property? How distorted human nature was in those years! 9 points...

    • By Eugenia 2022-04-24 07:01:14

      The image of the British is very positive. I wonder if any historians have studied why the British Empire was...

    Movie plot

    In the summer of 1839, when the Spanish slave ship "Amistad" with 53 black Africans was sailing not far from the coast of Cuba, it was caught in a storm. The slave leader Xinke took the lead in the rebellion and controlled the ship by force. They have only one purpose: to return home. After drifting on the east coast of the Americas for two months, the Amistad was intercepted by the U.S. Navy off the coast of Connecticut. 53 Africans...
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    Evaluation action

    "Amistad" is a film that lacks commerciality. Dim light, weird costumes and ancient language together form the characteristics of some of the scenes in the film. With John Quincy Adams giving a wonderful speech in the Supreme Court, the film also reached the climax of the plot. The artistic speech of John Quincy Adams also made the film a linguistic victory. There is another scene in the film not inferior to this court speech. At the...
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    Movie quotes

    • John Quincy Adams: One tries to govern wisely, strongly. One tries to govern in a way that betters the lives of one's villagers. One tries to kill the lion. Unfortunately, one isn't always wise enough or strong enough. Time passes and the moment is gone. Now, listen, Cinque, listen, we're about - we're about to bring your case before the highest court in our land. We're about to do battle with a lion that is threatening to rip our country in two. Huh? And all we have on our side is a rock. Of course, you didn't ask to be at the center of this historic conflagration anymore than I did; but, we find ourselves here, nonetheless, by some mysterious mix of circumstances and all the world watching. So, what are we to do? Huh?

      Joseph Cinque: [in Mende] Is he going to help? He has far many more questions than answers.

      John Quincy Adams: What did he just say?

      Ens. Covey: I - I - Sorry, I didn't catch it.

      John Quincy Adams: Cinque, look, I'm being honest with you. Anything less would be disrespectful. I'm telling you. I'm preparing you, I suppose. I'm explaining to you. That the test ahead of us is an exceptionally difficult one.

      Ens. Covey: [translating for Cinque] We won't be going in there alone.

      John Quincy Adams: Alone? In deed, not. We have right at our side. We have righteousness at our side! We have Mr. Baldwin over there.

      Ens. Covey: [translating for Cinque] I meant my ancestors. I will call into the past. Far back to the beginning of time and beg them to come and help me at the judgement. I will reach back and draw them into me and they must come. For at this moment I am the whole reason they have existed at all.

    • John Quincy Adams: Truth has been driven from this case like a slave, flogged from court to court, wretched and destitute.

    • John Quincy Adams: The Queen again and again refers to our 'incompetent' courts. Now, what I wonder would be more to her liking? Huh? A court that finds against the Africans? Well, I think not. And here is the fine point of it. What Her Majesty wants is a court that behaves just like her courts - the courts this 11 year old child plays with in her magical kingdom called Spain. A court that will do what it is told. A court that - can be toyed with like a doll. A court , as it happens, of which our own President, Martin Van Buren, would be most proud.